Why You Shouldn’t Watch Lost (With Spoilers)

No Spoilers:


Lost is a six season series about a group of people who survived a plane crash. Flight 815 was 1000 miles off course when it crashed onto a mysterious island. Each survivor had secrets of their own and was kept alive for a reason.

I have never seen a T.V show or movie that can develop characters as well as Lost. That was only for the first two seasons. Jack started off as a leader and a great guy and the same applied for Kate. Jack was my favorite character for a little bit. Sawyer started off as arrogant and cocky. I couldn’t stand his character. John Locke seemed like a nice and friendly man because he helped Michael find his son, Walt. Charlie was a drug addict, and Hugo Reyes didn’t feel necessary for the plot. That quickly changed considering he was one of the last survivors in the show. Jin and Sun seemed like jerks and Sayid was a kind of a cool character. The survivors of Flight 815 were an interesting, diverse group of people.

I slowly started to feel like one of the characters. The show began to develop Sawyer’s character slowly, and he wasn’t as big of a jerk. It was revealed that Sun could speak English and how complicated her relationship with Jin was.

Then after a little bit of developing the characters, the show started to explain the mysteries of the island more. The island allowed John Locke to walk and cured Rose of her illness. It was explained that everybody was brought to the island for a reason. Then, “The Others” were introduced. At that point, I felt like one of the survivors on the beach, so it was scary knowing there were other people on the island with them. Among those people were, Juliette, Ben, and Ethan. They were really good actors, especially Ben. Ben had a way of driving everybody insane and getting what he wanted. Ben was kind of like the Joker. It felt that way until later in the series when “his daughter ” died.

As the show went further on, I found myself barely able to stop watching it. Jack started to become annoying, but my perceptions of the other characters completely changed.

However, everything that goes up will always come back down. When the hatch and Hugo’s curse was introduced, everything started to go downhill. The idea that a button had to be pressed to prevent the world from ending was crazy. And all of a sudden they were going back in time, and Ben was spinning a wheel to move the island.

In the midst of the show, other great characters were introduced along the way. This includes Mr. Eko and Desmond.

I got tired of the show by season 6. When Jacob and The Man In Black came into the show, I was completely shocked. I didn’t understand what happened or why it happened. I badly wanted to stop watching it, but I needed to see how the show would end. The ending left us all frustrated. Jack and his dad walk into the Church that has all of the survivors inside. Then a bright light appears at the end of the Church, and everybody walks towards it. And it was over. Just like that. Not only were there many unanswered questions, but the ending was horrible.

That leads us to the series finale that left us all frustrated. Jack and his dad walked into the Church that had all of the survivors inside. Then a bright light appeared at the end of the Church, and everybody walked towards it. And then it was over. Just like that. Not only were there many unanswered questions, but the ending was horrible.

However, I have to give credit to the show for managing to keep all of us watching the show for six seasons. There have been some iconic moments from lost, which I will always remember. Like John Locke’s words,”Don’t tell me what I can’t do!”.

The first two seasons were fantastic, but the last four seasons were a total trainwreck. That’s why…

On a scale of 1-10, the first two seasons gets…

ZombieScore: 9

On a scale of 1-10, the last four seasons gets …

ZombieScore: 4



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