Why You Shouldn’t Watch Lost (Without Spoilers)

No Spoilers:


Lost is a six season series about a group of people who survived a plane crash. Flight 815 was 1000 miles off course when it crashed onto a mysterious island. Each survivor had secrets of their own and was kept alive for a reason.

I have never seen a T.V show or movie that can develop characters as well as Lost. For the first two season at least. There were many characters in the series, but I cried the same when each one died. There were huge plot twists, and the first season was incredible. There was a sense of fear and mystery established. It felt as if I was one of the survivors on the island. The second season was also fantastic. The mystery of the island become somewhat addressed, and you become attached to the characters.

You connect with characters so much that you can’t stop watching the show even though you want to.

However, everything went downhill from there. It was as if the makers of Lost ran out of ideas. The things that were happening were complete nonsense, and the plot made no sense. You could understand what was happening, but it felt like a 3rd grader was writing the script. Parts of the plot didn’t connect. They used flashbacks to develop the characters in the story. However, the flashbacks were so long, tedious, and frequent that it became confusing whether there was a flashback happening or not.

At that point, I wanted to stop watching the series. However, the characters were so well developed that I couldn’t stop watching. I was very bored multiple times, but I couldn’t stop watching because I needed to know what happened to them. The plot was complete nonsense, so I didn’t care about that. If it weren’t for the characters, I would’ve stopped watching the show.

The actors that had the best performance was Evangeline Lily, Josh Holloway, and Terry O’Quinn. These are characters introduced from episode one. Other phenomenal characters appeared later in the series. If you have seen the show Friends, you would understand how sad and annoying Ross’ character started to become. The same thing happened to the lead actor, Matthew Fox. Most actors ended up losing their fame very quickly.

Evangeline Lily, Ian Somerhalder, Dominic Monaghan, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are the main people who have established themselves in other places. They have been in movies like The Hobbit and Suicide Squad.

Overall, Lost just kept adding more and more things to prevent the show from ending. However, you can’t blame them because you can’t do much with survivors and a mysterious island. All of this eventually led to the incredibly anti-climatic season finale that made people extremely frustrated.

On a scale of 1-10, the first two seasons gets …

ZombieScore: 9

On a scale of 1-10, the next two seasons gets …

ZombieScore: 4

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